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Roadworthy Certificate Mont Albert

Roadworthy Certificate Mont AlbertA roadworthy certificate is an essential certificate required if you are planning to sell, register or transfer ownership of a vehicle (further information available at

AAA Automotive is accepted as an authorized licensed vehicle tester accredited by Vic roads to inspect and issue roadworthy certificates (RWC) for car and motorcycles up to 3 tonnes.

The RWC inspection process and context includes major safety items as follows:

Tyres & wheels, Suspension, Brakes, Steering, all Seats and Seat belts, Lights Lamps & Reflectors, Windscreen, Wipers and Washers (All Glass and Windows) in the vehicle, Exhaust Engine Transmission, Driver Line, Doors, Hatch Bonnet etc., structure and integrity of the vehicle itself.

Once a vehicle passes a Roadworthy inspection a Roadworthy Certificate is issued, it remains current for a period of 28 days.

If a rejection notice is issued you have 7 days in which to have the repairs carried out and the vehicle re presented or the certificate becomes invalid.

Roadworthy Certificate Components

Safety certificates can only be issued if all components of the vehicle inspected are found to comply with the state’s safety measures requirements. It is not necessarily the main components that must be inspected to be safe; every component of the vehicle is checked for roadworthiness. This refers to a total and proper functioning of every safety feature in the vehicle. This test doesn’t state that the car is in its finest form. It only says that the car is ready for the road bearing at least the minimal safety requirements.

Some of the more important components of the vehicle to be inspected would be the brakes and steering as well as the vehicle suspension. Other minor components which are not overlooked include seatbelts before the relevant safety certificates are issued. If the safety examiner feels that the seatbelts are fraying or the belt tension is compromised, no safety certificate would be issued. Vehicle lamps and reflectors are other important components to be checked before issuing the safety certificates as these must be functional in the day or night. Brisbane authorities are very strict with the compliance of the safety rules and measures for any vehicle plying the roads.

Roadworthy Certificate Mont Albert : Examination process

There are various reasons to have a vehicle undergo inspection and examination for a safety certificate issuance. Besides complying with the Brisbane road authorities, a vehicle owner might be planning on selling off the vehicle. A safety certificate is required as proof that the vehicle for sale is in good condition. Many vehicle owners just want to be safe with their vehicles which might be used by various drivers; as in a company vehicle. It is advisable to have the vehicle checked for safety frequently if it is used rampantly by different drivers as well as for different functions especially in long distance driving.

It would be wise to engage an authorized vehicle inspector like AAA Automotive who can perform the job to ensure the issuance of safety certificates. Brisbane in Australia does not look kindly upon irresponsible motorists who use compromised vehicles on the road. There would be heavy penalties incurred on those who flout the law.


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