Clutch Repair Balwyn

Clutch Repair Balwyn

Clutch Repair BalwynAAA Automotive handles all brake and clutch repairs services with utmost quality and affordable price.

What to expect in the Clutch Repair services?

When you choose us for clutch repair Balwyn, Several clutch services should be included in the cost to repair the clutch in any vehicle. It’s very significant to make sure you are getting the service you will be paying for – so, please review the following list first prior to getting your vehicle’s clutch repaired.

  • The clutch disc, flywheel, pilot bearing, pressure plate and throw out bearing should be inspected.
  • Replacement of the clutch disc. The material on this part is often, the first part of the clutch that needs to be replaced.
  • If the pressure plates are worn, they will be replaced.
  • The flywheel needs to be either replaced or resurfaced. If the flywheel is not properly repaired, it could result in vibrations when the clutch is engaged.
  • The throw out bearing will be replaced, if needed.
  • Our mechanics will check for fluid from the transmission or the engine, and fix any leaks that can cause damage to the clutch mechanism.

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