AAA Automotive provides you inclusive services that analyse your vehicle in the way that the manufacture intended. We ensure your vehicle is safe financially as per the company manufacture rules.

We are the authorised service department at Melbourne suburbs for your vehicle service requirements. We approve your logbook as per the manufactures specifications, maintaining your new car warranty. Moreover, all our work is done qualified staff which retain your logbook according to the manufacturer’s specification.

We  are approved by all major fleet companies. You don’t need an expensive dealership logbook request us for a free quote on (03) 9899 6856 at affordable price.

Logbook Service Mont Albert

Brake Service

Need your brakes serviced. Visit AAA automotive in Mont Albert and get a professional brake check and brake service.

Brake services are a critical safety item in your vehicle it is therefore extremely important that your vehicles braking system is well maintained and regularly checked.

We check and service all the brake system components.

  • ABS modules and sensors
  • Condition of brake fluid
  • Brake hoses condition, cracks and rubbing
  • Brake drum and disc condition
  • Disk and drum thickness
  • Brake pan and lining condition
  • Brake stopping – Distance test
  • Hydraulic lines and cylinders
  • Brake lines for rust and damage
  • Hand brake cables for fraying and frozen cables
  • camper slides and disston operation
  • Power booster operation

Get your braking system check immediately if;

  • Brake pedal pulsates when braking
  • Brake pedal sinks down when brake applied
  • Noises such as squealing or grind when breaking
  • Poor stopping distance
  • Hissing noise heard inside cabin
  • Hand brake fails to hold

Battery Replacement and Auto Electrical Work

Batteries are the major cause of vehicle breakdowns. So don’t get caught out. Cold Weather is one of the major causes of battery failure.

Battery replacement is crucial for every vehicle. AAA automotive has a large range of batteries and can test your battery and charging system and offer you the best advice and ensure you get the right product everytime.

AAA automotive offers a comprehensive range of electrical work for your vehicle

  • New, Reconditioned & c/o Starter Motor and Alternators
  • Starter Relays fitted
  • Dual battery system for 4wd
  • Trailer breakaway system
  • Trailer wiring and plugs
  • Electric Trailer brake systems
  • Auxiliary lighting
  • Ariels Fitted

Auto electricians at AAA Automotives are highly trained and fully equipped to deal with any type of electrical problem your car might have. Our mechanics can handle any car model and are experts in car wiring and repairing other electrical faults.

Engine And Component Replacement

AAA automotive technicians have years of experience in engine and component replacement and major mechanical repairs such as;

  • Replacement of engines
  • Cylinder Head
  • Water pumps
  • Oil pumps Engine and Transmissions
  • Sumps Engine and Transmissions
  • Camshaft
  • Rear main seals
  • Hydraulic Lifter
  • Welch (cup plugs)
  • Front Engine and Camshaft Seals
  • Manifolds

Fuel Injection Service

AAA automotive have years of experience in Fuel Injection service that includes injector cleaning and testing, diagnosis and repairs vehicles with electronic fuel injection system and manual injection systems.

Every vehicle requires Fuel Injection Servicing or filter changing every 50000km or 3 years to maintain power or fuel economy of you. Engine smooth excellent and good idle.

The process involves;

  • Clean the fuel injectors and repair filter baskets
  • Clean Throttle body and idle air control passages
  • Testing pressure pump pressure of line pressure
  • Test pressure regulator for leakage
  • Check fuel mixtures or gas analysers

Steering Racks, Driveshafts, Tailshafts & Universal Joints

Steering and suspension problem can affect the safety of your vehicle and should be checked on a regular basis.

Steering rack for wear and oil leaks from pinion, switches, seal and boots. CV Joints for wear, rattling broken boots and expulsion or lubricant. Driveshafts and Tailshafts for worn or seized joints loose or leaking yokes vibration from centre bearings.

General Auto Engineering and Welding

AAA automotive can assist you in general auto engineering and welding services.

Carry out arc oxy & mig welding, Braising alloy welding, cast welding

Transmisson Service

The automatic transmission is constantly under tremendous pressure to drive the car from power of the engine. Therefore it is important that your automatic transmission is serviced on the regular basis to avoid any damage to its components. Generally transmission service should be done every 20000 Km or 12 months for most cars. This transmission service involves,

  • Drain and replacement of the transmission fluid
  • Change transmission filter
  • Clean transmission pan
  • Carry out necessary adjustments
  • Fit new gasket
  • Clean transmission pan
  • Carryout diagnostic tests
  • Fit new pan gasket
  • Clean Magnets
  • Check Modulator
  • Carry out diagnostic test
  • Road Test vehicle for correct operation

Oxygen Sensor Service

Oxygen Sensor Service is important for every car, as its purpose of the oxygen sensor is to detect and measure the amount of unburnt gas being expelled into the exhaust system. Oxygen Sensor then sends this information to the engine management computer to trim fuel for optimum operation. To ensure the vehicle does not run to rich or too lean this sensor is located in the first section of the exhaust system and usually needs replacement between 100,000 and 150,000 kms.

Car Engine Tuning

AAA automotive offers a professional car engine tuning service ensuring that your car’s engine starts and runs effectively. Our mechanics are continuously keeping up to date with the latest technology in the automobile industry. Is your vehicle not performing, not starting, running poorly, engine checking coming on. With today’s complex computer controlled vehicle EFI Diagnosis is essential AAA Automotives use high quality Diagnostic scan tools for car tuning with the most updated technology to read fault codes and live data and reset the ECU, after any car tuning is carried out.

AAA automotive has the ability to perform excellent car engine tuning service that involves testing faulty modules, pick up coils. Ignite coils, electronic components, Central locking system, Heater controls and much more.

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