Roadworthy Certificate Surrey Hills

Roadworthy Certificate Surrey Hills

Are your headlight lenses cloudy, dull, dim? Are you having trouble seeing the road at night? Let us help for Roadworthy Certificate Surrey Hills

We polish and refurbish your dull, cloudy headlights so they are like new again. At a fraction of the price of new headlight assembles. This is a roadworthy item as well as a safety issue.

Have your head lights faded? Are you having trouble seeing whilst driving at night? Does your vehicle have dull and cloudy or faded headlights? We can help!

Let us refurbish your head lights. They will look like new again!

We polish and recoat the lenses with UV protective sealant. They will no longer be un roadworthy. You will find it a lot safer to drive at night with brighter head lights eluminating the road.

For more information, or a quote, please call us on (03) 9899 6856 Call us for free quote for Roadworthy Certificate Mont Albert

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