Pre purchase car inspection Mont Albert

Pre Purchase Car Inspection Mont Albert

Pre Purchase Car Inspection Mont AlbertCar purchase is not an easy routine task, so while dealing with a car purchase one has to very careful. It is always advisable to get a mechanic to investigate a pre-owned car.

We are located in Mont Albert and service vehicles throughout Melbourne with a vast clientele in the Eastern Suburbs.

We at AAA Automotive help you in all aspects to inspect a pre-purchase car. We have well trained and highly qualified experts to report you about the condition and the issues facing by the car make you aware about it.

We combine our practical knowledge with thorough visual inspection. Our experts use special diagnostic equipments which helps in individual analysis of the vehicle’s condition.

As the lacking of time and need of cost efficiency we are not able to investigate the internal parts of your vehicles. These can be assessed by the measures of noise, operation and performance on road.

Our inspection includes aspects like interiors, drive line, fluids, electrical system, engine, brakes and wheels related assessment.

We replace the mechanical parts like head light, water pump etc in case of wear n tear out with prior to informing customer. We don’t replace the vehicle parts in regular maintenance. We also offer logbook service and roadworhty certificate in Mont Albert.

 Give us a chance to experience our pre-purchase car inspection at affordable rates.

Call us on (03) 9899 6856 to get a free quote on purchase of pre-owned vehicles in Mont Albert

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