Log Book Service Greythorn

LogBook Service Greythorn

Log book Service GreythornAll new cars come with a manufacturers Log book. This Log book is a guide for that car’s recommended service intervals, or how long before parts in your vehicle need replacing or servicing. A log book outlines what should be serviced, replaced or inspected on your new car, how often and when.

A new car warranty means the manufacturer of your car is legally obliged to fix any faults which may occur in your vehicle during the warranty period, in order for your warranty to remain valid you have get to your car serviced according to the manufacturers guidelines.

Many new car dealerships will try and tell you that having your car serviced by anywhere other than them will void your warranty. This is not true. You should however, ensure that your car service centre employs fully qualified mechanics and technicians, and that the services performed meet manufacturer’s specifications and quality parts are used.

At AAA Automotive services All of our work is fully qualified and will meet the manufacturer’s standards meaning your new car warranty will remain valid. And unlike the dealerships we are competitively priced – don’t be duped into paying more at the dealerships.

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