Car Service Balwyn

Car Service Balwyn

Car Service BalwynAs a responsible car driver, you carry certain responsibilities. You ensure you adhere to the road rules, provide courtesy to fellow motorists and, importantly, put safety first – and this includes ensuring that your car is in roadworthy condition.

Having your car service at AAA Automotive, means less visits to the petrol stations and leave more money in your bank account – for a new pair of shoes or a carton of beer!

Look no further but AAA Automotive if you looking for optimum and trustworthy mechanic professional for car service Balwyn. Professional work with friendly price is what you expect when you choose us next time you think of any one for car service in Balwyn. We offer same day service and also pickup and drop-off service.

We recommend minor Car Servicing every Six Month or every 10,000 kilometers (Whichever is first), At AAA Automotive-

  •  Engine oil and oil filter change.
  • Check and adjust drive belt tension.
  • Check and clean spark plugs.
  • Check and top up automatic transmission fluid level.
  • Check and top-up power steering fluid,
  • Check wear on brake pads and replace if necessary.
  • Inspect brake hydraulic system hoses and pipes for leakages and corrosion,
  • Renew fuel line filter.
  • Inspect tyres for tread wear and damage.
  • Take note of the pattern of wear on your tyres, as this can also indicate other problems in the vehicle such as suspension, steering and wheel balancing.
  • Visual checks: windscreen wipers, battery condition, charging system, exhaust condition, coolant and anti-freeze levels and windscreen washer levels.

Please call us to arrange your next scheduled service or book online here. For more information, or a quote, please call us on (03) 9899 6856 Call us for free quote for Car Service Balwyn.

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