Roadworthy Certificate Camberwell

Assure the Safety of Your Car with a Roadworthy Certificate


Are you planning to sell your car? Or want to re-register your used car? A roadworthy certificate will be essential.

A certificate of roadworthiness can only be issued by a skilled tester like us. We, at AAA Automotive, are experienced and a renowned name for offering accurate roadworthy certificates in and around Camberwell.


Benefits of Getting a Roadworthy Certificate for Your Car

  • Ensures your car is in good working condition.
  • Makes car transferring or selling procedure easier.
  • Guarantees that there is no fluid or oil leakage in your car.
  • Verifies if there are no illegal modifications to your car.

From steering components, windscreen, panels, lights, tyres and wheels to any other component that can impact your car – we check everything during these roadworthy inspections.

We only use the latest and safest diagnostic equipment to scan your car. Our car mechanics ensure test every aspect of your car before providing a roadworthy certificate in and around Camberwell.


Book Your Car’s Roadworthy Check with Us

If you want a comprehensive check for your car, book your roadworthy check with us. For more details about our car services, call us on (03) 9899 6856.

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