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Car Mechanic Canterbury

Car Mechanic CanterburyAAA Automotive is the leading provider of car service in Melbourne and surrounding suburbs. From routine car servicing and maintenance to repairs and more complicated issues on any make or model, our mechanic in Canterbury can fix all.

For longer life of your car it needs to be serviced properly after a specific time span. Pamper your car with the help of our professional car mechanics.

Some of the reasons why one should consider as their repairing and servicing partners:

24*7 support years of experience in Automobile industry Proper analyzing your vehicle Highly experienced team for your cars

Request us today for a free quote, call us on (03) 9899 6856

Efficient Radiator Repair and Maintenance in Greythorn

Radiator Repair GreythornAAA Automotive is one of the leading names in delivering accurate car service and repairs in Greythorn. We specialise in radiator repairs and can take care of all your needs – be it a simple radiator repair or a new replacement altogether.

Having an experience of over 40 years in the industry, our car mechanics are qualified and skilled to cater all your car related needs. We supply, fit, repair and clean the radiators for all makes and models. No job is big or small for us; after all, it is our aim to offer you an accurate radiator repair in Greythorn and nearby suburbs.

If we identify any failed or damaged component during the car inspec [...]

Prevent Overheating with Reliable Radiator Repairs

Radiator Repair CamberwellTo keep your car running efficiently without any trouble, a balanced temperature must be maintained. Radiator plays an important role in regulating the engine’s temperature. Unfortunately, your radiator is one of the parts susceptible to issues such as overheating, low coolant level or leakage. That’s why a reliable radiator repair is required. At AAA Automotive, your radiator repairs are conducted professionally and precisely.

Our Qualified Car Mechanics Can Do: Testing of radiator pressure cap Checking thermostat, ensuring it performs correctly Verifying any leaks in the radiator, water pump or engine coolant passage Test radiator fan for accurate ope [...]
Keep Your Car Running Smoothly with Quality Radiator Repairs


Radiator Repair CanterburyOne of the important parts of any car is the radiator as it works as a cooling system and prevents the engine from overheating. To avoid any damage to this part, it is important to opt for a regular radiator repair and maintenance service. We, at AAA Automotive, can help you with all kinds of car service and repairs including:

Radiator cleaning and repairs Radiator replacement Tank replacement System flush and inhibitor changes Thermostat replacement Spilt radiator hose and much more.

With over 40 years of experience in the radiator repair industry, we are dedicated to helping you keep your car in an outstanding condition. Our ex [...]

Experience the Difference with Quality Radiator Repair in Kew

Radiator Repair KewDon’t let an overheated radiator blow up your car’s motor. This can lead to expensive repairs and put lives at risk. When you need efficient radiator repair in Kew or nearby suburbs, trust the experts at AAA Automotive. We are a locally owned and operated car service centre specialising in radiator repair, installation and servicing.

We service cars and radiators for all makes and models. We ensure to get you back on the road with minimum downtime and a fully functional radiator.

One-Stop Shop for the Radiator Repair in Kew Problem diagnosis and advice Re-core Replacement Clean out Installation and maintenance De-gas and re-gas

Our highly [...]

Roadworthy Specialists Greythorn

Roadworthy Certificate GreythornA roadworthy inspection becomes imperative when you are buying, selling or re-registering your car. If you are planning to carry out any one of these things, you will require a roadworthy certificate (RWC) stating that your car is matching the safety standards of that particular city or state.

AAA Automotive is a trusted name having an experience of over 40 years in the car service industry. Our professional team of car mechanics is licensed to issue a roadworthy certificate in Greythorn and other Melbourne suburbs.

How We Do a Roadworthy Inspection?

We will inspect the present condition of your car. This will help us identify the [...]

Assure the Safety of Your Car with a Roadworthy Certificate Camberwell


Roadworthy Certificate CamberwellAre you planning to sell your car? Or want to re-register your used car? A roadworthy certificate will be essential.

A certificate of roadworthiness can only be issued by a skilled tester like us. We, at AAA Automotive, are experienced and a renowned name for offering accurate roadworthy certificates in and around Camberwell.

Benefits of Getting a Roadworthy Certificate for Your Car Ensures your car is in good working condition. Makes car transferring or selling procedure easier. Guarantees that there is no fluid or oil leakage in your car. Verifies if there are no illegal modifica [...]
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